computer bullshit

Hello Bear!

I keep changing my mind about how I want to host my website. I've used:

Both were fun to set up, and having the Linux server was handy (still using it to host files for the Minecraft server I run for my friends, but I should probably change it), but I felt a huge wall whenever I wanted to write. The Linux server was annoying because I had to jump through hoops to make content live (who woulda thunk). Hugo with GitHub Pages was easier: just push your changes and the site was live. However, I still had to go through the commit process and work on a device that I could access git (which isn't hard, but slightly more work than I want to spend). Both of these added friction to the writing process.

I want something more seamless: start typing in a text box and hitting enter that I can do from any kind of device. I don't get the urge to write often, but when I do, I'm not usually at my computer. A lot of my writing is impromptu and gets shoved in my phone's notes app. It's not "polished" like the writing that I do for work (that takes WAAAAY more effort that I'd like to do outside of work), but it gets my thoughts across that I'd like to share with others. I'm hoping that using Bear will make it easier.

There are some other things I like about Bear too: