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This is an informal resume. If you want something formal, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Last updated on 2024-07-08.


I'm a web developer with 5 years of experience (as of 2024) who can work anywhere in the stack. Need a front-end dev? I got you. Back-end? No sweat. Devops? Done it before and can do it again. Have a weird tech stack? I can get up to speed quickly and would love to learn it!

I'd much rather work on a team than be a solo dev.

Work History

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I'm looking for work right now! If the anything here sounds like what you need, reach out to me by filling out the form in the footer.

While I'm primarily a web developer, I'm down to go into a totally different domain altogether (for example, embedded development). Outside of work, I like to dabble in whatever random thing tickles my fancy. This means I know at least a teeny tiny bit about a lot of things, so your "weird" domain might not be as weird to me. Even if it is completely foreign to me (and you're okay with training someone), I'd love to learn all about it!

Slash Pine Tech

Having been at DCI for, at this point, my entire career, I wanted to try something different. So, I joined SPT: a tiny consulting company (~5 people at the time). I built a variety of web apps for their clients and worked with them to make sure we built the right thing for them.

The projects I worked on here were often deployed to different cloud environments, like Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and Azure. I'd hardly call myself an expert in these tools, but I know enough to be dangerous.

Diverse Computing Inc.

DCI is where I got my start as a working professional and built a solid foundation for how production-ready apps work. Since most of my projects ran on Linux boxes on-prem, I learned a TON about Linux too.


Florida State University

College was a lot of fun, although I wish I paid more attention to the really interesting classes: databases, compilers, and computation theory. Do I use them at work? Hardly. Are they neat? Yes.