computer bullshit


Every so often, I get the urge to rework some aspect of my life: my desktop, my “note-taking strategy” (doesn’t exist), my blog, my terminal, etc. This is especially true after I see some fancy new tool that promises to make it easier at the expense of adding complexity.

I’m tired of complexity, especially when I don’t need it. There’s no shortage of it, just look around! All I want is to open my terminal and use it, or make changes to my blog quickly.

To this end, I’ve been trying to stick with “bare bones” tools. My default terminal is zsh or bash without any extra plugins. Any configuration I want are small: aliases, visual tweaks, etc. While it’s not as nice as something like Oh my Zsh or Fish, it gets the job done well enough, I can pick it back up quickly, and I can easily explain it to other devs.